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Precision Farming Service


At Landmark, we make it easy to maximise productivity.  

At Landmark, our Precision Farming Service (PFS) has been set up to make it easy for you to maximise your broadacre productivity, using the latest variable rate technology.

The latest precision farming technology may be complex, but using it doesn’t have to be.
Landmark’s Precision Farming Service is a web-based platform that allows gathering of spatial data and processing it into different paddock management zones.


These zones are typically based on how a crop may potentially perform, and when we combine this with soil and tissues tests, along with our local knowledge of the area, we can advise you on how to manage the different zones to maximise harvest yield. Using cutting-edge software, we make informed recommendations and deliver prescription files to suit the variable rate technology controller for your airseeder or boomspray.

We’ll help you uncover the paddock within the paddock.

At Landmark, our precision farming experts follow four steps to make it easy for you to maximise your broadacre productivity, using the latest variable rate technology.






Step 1. Acquiring and processing data. 

A qualified Landmark agronomist will assist you in gathering the relevant data from your paddock. This data will usually be in the form of harvest yield maps but may also be electromagnetic data, satellite or aerial imagery, or elevation data. After we’ve gathered all the data, we utilise our web-based Precision Farming Service to process it into different management zones.


Step 2. Soil and tissue testing zones.
Once paddock zones have been created, usually according to different nutritional requirements such as fertiliser or lime or gypsum, we carry out soil and/or tissue testing to determine the types and rates of product that are right for each zone.


Step 3. Recommendations.
Landmark agronomists analyse the data and recommend the best way to optimise the quality and yield from each zone, taking into account local conditions. We use tools such as Nutriwise®, PaddockWise© and Yield Prophet™ to ensure we give you the most informed recommendations.


Step 4. Prescription files.
At the end of all this testing and analysis, we provide you with a prescription file that can be used on your airseeder, spreader or spray unit. The prescription file makes it easy for you to manage paddock zones and vary the inputs and products between zones.


For more information on Landmark Precision Farming Services, see your local Landmark Agronomist. 

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