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Flexi Saver


Landmark is offering one of our most rewarding and flexible offers ever. Earn a reward on funds deposited in your Landmark Flexi Saver Account and you can withdraw deposited amounts at any time.


We have simplified the process to allow you to fill in one application form and add funds to existing amounts without the need for more paperwork.


For more information, please contact your local Landmark Branch Manager or Rural Finance Manager.





  • Customers can prepay for goods and services and receive a reward based on the   value of funds lodged with Landmark.
  • The lodgement amount is disclosed on a monthly statement provided to the customer.


  • No set term. Funds can be withdrawn at any time and/or added to as required.

Reward Amount

  • 4% per annum on the balance of the lodgement amount. The reward amount will be applied to the customer’s Flexi Saver Account and will be transferred to their trading account on request.
  • Any reward amount must be used to purchase Landmark goods.
  • The reward amount is not interest and cannot be paid out separately to customers.

Minimum Amount

  • $10,000

Maximum Amount

  • $5 Million

Accessing Funds

  • Customers can withdraw funds at any time


  • Nil


Download the Flexi Saver Agreement here






Important Information Please note that Flexi Saver is not a financial product that is regulated under the Corporations Act 2001 (Cth) or a deposit account opened with Landmark Operations Limited (Landmark). The purpose of the Flexi Saver product is to provide customers with store credit on Landmark goods and services. In offering this product, Landmark, its employees, agents or contractors are not providing any financial, legal or tax advice. Landmark recommends that interested parties obtain their own independent tax and/or financial advice on the suitability and benefits of this product based on their specific circumstances. Contact your local branch manager or Rural Finance Manager for the full Terms and Conditions.

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