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Commercial Livestock


We are trusted to deliver better prices, because for more than 150 years we’ve been matching producers with buyers through our national and international partnerships which give us access to more markets.


As one of the biggest livestock handlers in the world, and a major supplier of stock to the live export trade, Landmark provides an integrated livestock marketing service which is unrivalled. We are committed to giving you the best and most rewarding options in Livestock marketing.


Every year we market over 1.5 million cattle and 7 million sheep through our network of over 300 outlets around Australia - through auctions, private sales and online through AuctionsPlus.


When you're with Landmark you have peace of mind, knowing that the important business of buying and selling your livestock is being handled by an organisation with an unmatched reputation for staying on top of market trends.


Our people are in this for the long hall. We work with you to understand your expectations and to provide the experience and resources to help prepare your livestock for the most effective and competitive marketing options.


More marketing options give you:


  • The flexibility to take full advantage of the ever-changing livestock markets when buying or selling
  • Access to more competition and more buyers than ever before, so you can minimise your marketing risks and build strong supply chain relationships
  • The reassurance of knowing sale proceeds will be paid to you promptly, giving you access to your money quicker


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