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General Merchandise

Landmark is a leading supplier of farm equipment in rural and regional Australia. Our wide range of products, backed up by our team of professional merchandise staff, link you into the latest developments in safety and technology.

Harvest Products

Our range of harvest products covers all your needs for hay, silage and grain storage applications.
We stock baler nett in a range of sizes to suit all baling machines, as well as baling twine from the world’s leading suppliers for:

  • small square
  • big round
  • big square

Silage innoculants have become a key part of making quality silage and Landmark has the expert advice and the products to help you make the best quality silage for your farm. We also stock silage products to suit all applications, including:

  • Silage wrap
  • pit covers
  • plastic film

Landmark is at the cutting-edge of grain storage technology, whether it’s a new design for a silo bag or a silo or field bin. We also offer a range of grain protection products to secure your grain from insect and pests.

Safety Equipment

Safety equipment is an industry essential to keep you and your workers safe in the workplace. In close collaboration with our suppliers, we ensure that our products keep you at the forefront of safety technology.

Clothing & Footwear

We stock an excellent range of quality, hard-wearing farm clothing and footwear, including a range of Blundstone products.

Spraying Equipment

Our range of spraying equipment covers everything from a broadacre boom sprayer to a knapsack sprayer for small jobs. We also offer a full range of fire-fighting pumps and accessories.

Pruning Equipment

In selected locations, Landmark carries pruning equipment for horticulture and viticulture. We source our products from the world’s leading suppliers, ensuring you have access to the latest technology in this field.

You can rely on Landmark to provide the best advice for all your general merchandise requirements.


Landmark carries a wide range of high quality farm hardware products, from top-end power tools to nails, staples and fixings.

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