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Landmark is a leading national supplier of seed. Our network of retail stores supply growers with seeds for:


  • broadacre field crops
  • pasture
  • vegetables



We supply seed coated with enhancements to improve timeliness and efficiency at sowing, including:


  • rhizobia inoculants
  • nutrients
  • fungicides
  • insecticides



Landmark works closely with the leading seed distributors to supply new and productive varieties. Our local agronomists have access to the latest field trial data to recommend the most suitable variety for local growing conditions.

Suppliers include:





Seed Quality

At Landmark, we believe that seed quality is critical. Seed is a living organism which has a dormant phase. Germination is important, along with seed purity, to ensure that unwanted plants and weeds are not introduced.


We recognise the importance of seed quality to our customers. To achieve this we are a member of the Australian Seed Federation adopting the industry’s code of practice. We work closely with suppliers and have controls in place to ensure seed quality to our customers.




Helpful Information


Landmark Eastern Australia Canola Guide 2017 (PDF 519 KB)











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