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Direct to Mill Supply Chains


Fibre Direct and Wool Supply Arrangements.  
Wool growers become part of a direct supply chain to woollen mills by marketing their wool through Landmark’s Fibre Direct and Supply Arrangements systems.


By participating in these innovative supply chains growers enjoy both ‘in shed’ and wool test cost savings, as well as receiving feedback on their wool’s final destination and end use.


There are two price options – prices can be:

  • set forward up to two years ahead of shearing; or
  • based on a current ‘spot’ market price.

Forward Contracts

A Landmark Forward Contract is a risk-management tool that secures prices for up to two years in advance of shearing.


Wool can be prepared either along traditional classing practices or the Landmark Fibre Direct Supply Arrangement specifications.


Globally, the demand for organic and low chemical residue fabrics is increasing. Landmark offers supply arrangements for complying wool growers that match the requirements of the environmentally sustainable wool market, both in Australia and overseas. 

Eco Wool

Landmark has ongoing contracts to supply cross-bred wool which meets EU Eco label low chemical residue standards. This supply chain delivers growers premium prices, as well as feedback on their clip’s final destination and end use. ECO Wool supply specifications and chemical withholding periods apply.

Organic Wool

Organic-accredited wool growers can market their wool through Landmark. Our organic supply chain offers growers excellent prices, generally above the market rate for comparable non-organic wool. Organic wool supply specifications apply.


All wools that participate in Landmark’s Direct to Mill and Environmentally Sustainable Wool supply arrangements are AWTA tested giving growers the security of knowing the performance of their clips match contract specifications and maximise financial returns. 


For more information on any of Landmark's Direct to Mill or Environmentally Sustainable Wool please contact Landmark Wool on 1800 629 396.


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