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Risk Management Products & Services

About Landmark Risk Management

Wool market volatility means managing price risk is more important than ever before. The Landmark Risk Management team focuses solely on providing real price risk management solutions for wool growers, including Landmark’s Basis Contract, a simple and clear-cut forward-pricing tool.

The Landmark Risk Management Team

The Risk Management team can provide products, services and market information for wool growers to make the most informed decision regarding their risk management strategy. We can untangle complex forward-pricing strategies, and outline how they can work to your advantage in straightforward language.

Feel Secure with Landmark Risk Management

With Landmark Risk Management working beside you, you can feel secure in the knowledge that you are using the latest, most relevant risk management tools. After extensive research into the agricultural commodities risk-management product market, we have tailored our products specifically for Australian wool growers.

Landmark Risk Management Services

Landmark Risk Management can provide clients with a suite of market intelligence  and information. These include market reports and forward and historical market analysis.

Contact Landmark Risk Management

To find out more about what Landmark can do to help manage your wool-price risk please contact the Risk Management team.

National Freecall: 1800 629 396

Western Australia Freecall: 1800 199 733
Email: risk.management@landmark.com.au

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